Scotland Vacations and Holidays - Do As the Scottish Do

Scotland VacationsScotland Vacations
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Scotland Vacations and Holidays - Do As the Scottish Do

There are two types of Scotland vacations. One type is the vacation that is completely preplanned with a very strict itinerary that rushes you from place to place sightseeing. The only people you meet is your tour guide, the employees of the establishments that you patronize, and the other travelers. This is the perfect trip for some people and if that is what you are looking for then skip down to my author's signature box and click on the link to learn about what you can see and do. If you are looking for a more leisurely vacation than you need the other type of Scotland vacation?

The other type is what I consider a Scottish holiday. We in America call it a vacation where as people in Brittan and other parts of the world call it a holiday. A holiday isn't about how many things you can see in the shortest amount of time, it is about having a really fun time. If you want to have a really memorable fun time on your Scotland vacations than you need to "do as the Scottish do". Here are three ways of doing that.

Play like the Scottish play

What sport do you think of when you think of Scotland? I bet you think of golf. Golf is played all over the world since all you really need is a putter, a ball, and a target. I know that golf enthusiasts might disagree and say that you have to have golf carts, a clubhouse, a green with holes, and a young person to carry all of your stuff for you. OK, you can tell that I am not a golf expert, but you don't need to be to play a round of golf on your Scotland vacations. Many people that live in Scotland love to play golf and most of them aren't experts either. Scotland is known world wide for its beautiful link courses. In fact it is believed that Scotland in where the game started in the first place. Some golf courses are easier to get into or plan for a day at then others. This is because of long waiting lists and lotteries. If you can get into one of these famous and extremely popular golf courses then you are going to have a wonderful time. If you can't or don't want to go though all the trouble than trying for the less popular ones is a good idea. You still might need to reserve your space ahead of time.

Next, you might think of football (soccer to us in the US) as a big sport in Scotland, and you would be right. Scotlanders love to play football and they really love to watch the game being played by the professionals. Scotland has one of the oldest National Football Associations in the world. In fact it is the second oldest. Scotland has two major leagues and a several smaller leagues. If you are really into this sport than you probably already know who you want to watch so you can get tickets to one of their games and then plan the rest of your trip to Scotland around it. Can you imagine sitting in the stands watching your favorite team surrounded with their other fans?

Eat like the Scottish eat

Traditionally Scotland or even the rest of Great Brittan isn't known for their flavorful foods. Just like in America, Scotland has all sorts of types of traditional foods from other countries. Indian food is really popular with its exotic spices. You can also find anything else you might like from fast food to four-star cuisine.

If you are really looking for the Scottish experience than eat the foods that are most thought of as Scottish food. I suggest trying fish and chips. I know you can find that type of food just about everywhere, but not sitting in a restaurant filled with Scots. Another thing to try in Haggis. It sounds truly awful just by the sound of the name, but will you really have had the full experience without trying it. By the way haggis is a sheep's heart, liver and lungs minced with spices and then boiled in the sheep's stomach. So, if after that description you are still a meat eater than be sure to try some. You might have to ask around to find a restaurant that serves it as a lot of people in Scotland get grossed out by it as much as we do. The last thing you need eat to have the full Scotland experience is a deep fried Mars bar. Although this treat is freakishly unhealthy it is very popular in Scotland, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one.

Socialize like the Scottish socialize

Don't forget that you need to rub elbows with the locals to truly make some memories. So, where do Scotlanders go to socialize with each other? The most obvious answer is go to one of the many pubs. In America we would think that pubs are like our bars, but that assumption really isn't accurate. The name pub comes form public house, and they are often bright and nice. Most of these places serve food to. If you are like me and don't drink alcohol that is fine order a soda, but you might get some strange looks. Pubs are places that families can go for a nice meal and a little entertainment as many pubs have live music. If you like traditional folk music or even the modern folk music then ask around for the best pub for you. Just be aware that the legal age for a person to drink in a pub in Scotland is much lower than you might think. It is the ripe old age of 16.

I personally would go to a popular park since it would be better for my kids, and as already stated, I don't drink. Cities in Scotland have wonderful parks all over the place. Many of these parks have a very long history. Try to find a part that has everything. Imagine having a nice picnic with your family. There is a friendly game of football near by to watch. Then you get to take a leisurely stroll along the path that runs on the edge of the park near the water. You stop to rest and take in the view and exchange a few pleasantries with other walkers. Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me.

Although Scottish people are known for their friendliness, some people will want to take the time to talk and some won't. You most likely won't make lasting friendships on a vacation, but you will get to know the Scottish people better.

I love everything about Scotland and my favorite thing to talk about is Scotland vacations. If you are looking for information about what you must see and do on your Scotland vacations [] than visit []

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